In a unique and peaceful environment, we offer one of the largest technical platforms for the latest generation of medical lasers.

Our MOVEO hair removal laser not only allows for the removal of hair from light and dark skin, but also, thanks to its latest sapphire handpiece, makes laser hair removal virtually painless.

For redness related to couperose and rosacea, our vascular YAG laser is very effective. The same applies to the removal of small telangiectasias on the face and legs.

Solar lentigos, also known as age spots, which appear mainly on sun-exposed areas such as the face, neckline and hands, can be erased with one or two sessions of our pigment laser.

The CO2 laser is the number one laser for fading acne scars, stretch marks and surgery scars. It is also used by the dermatologist to remove an unsightly mole without leaving a mark.

Coolsculpting is a medical cryotherapy procedure that allows the removal of up to 30% of the fatty mass of a localized bulge in one session. The areas frequently treated are the double chin, the love handles and the abdominal bulge as well as the saddlebags.

In terms of anti-cellulite and slimming treatments, the ONDA, which works on the remodeling of fat cells, is the new technology that you should know. The photos speak for themselves.

The Ultraformer III, with its high intensity ultrasound, will firm and lift a slight sagging skin. Often combined with one of our Radiesse or hyaluronic acid injection treatments, it provides a real facelift without surgery.

For acne, inflammatory rosacea or any other skin inflammation, light therapy combined with local home care treatments produces very good results.

Finally, MIRADRY, a technology that received the innovation award in 2019, is the number one treatment for excessive and smelly underarm perspiration. In a single treatment you lose up to 82% of your perspiration.