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The dermatologist is the physician who specializes in all alterations of the skin, scalp and mucous membranes: skin cancer screening, allergology, skin aging, psoriasis, atopic eczema, vitiligo, warts, lesions, chronic wounds, etc.

The specialist in this field can recognize and diagnose most skin diseases through clinical examination. When this is not enough, he can take samples and perform various tests. Skin problems often require cosmetic treatments. Our dermatology department is able to offer effective solutions to your pathology.

At any age, the skin can experience problems. A dermatology consultation allows us to diagnose skin diseases and skin conditions and to act accordingly. The first frequent aggression appears in adolescence: acne, often difficult to treat, it may require a dermatological follow-up and an adapted care path.

Other skin imperfections can then appear in young adults, for both men and women. These often include rosacea and pigmentation problems such as melasma, brown spots and pregnancy masks. These skin conditions can be a real hindrance to social development in addition to representing a clinical case.

Other classic skin diseases occurring at any age include dermatitis (skin inflammation), skin allergies and skin infections. A dermatology physician can diagnose and prescribe treatment for patients with these skin manifestations, thereby improving their quality of life.

Of course our dermatologist will also diagnose and follow up on atypical lesions such as suspected melanoma. In case of benign lesions such as an embarrassing mole or a misplaced cyst, he will be able to advise you on the latest and most aesthetic excision techniques. It is important to have regular screening for skin cancer, to look for melanoma and carcinoma and to have it treated quickly by dermatological procedures even though most skin tumors are benign.

Secondly, cellulite, which affects the majority of women, is an element that can lead to consulting a dermatologist in order to undertake an anti-cellulite treatment.

Finally, the inevitable appearance of the first wrinkles and sagging skin. After making an appointment, our practitioners can propose adapted dermatological solutions. Injections of botulinum toxin or hyaluronic acid, a filling treatment, or even skin surgery or cosmetic medicine, if the situation requires it, can help combat these manifestations.

The dermatologist can apply various methods for the treatment of skin diseases and pathologies: on the one hand, there are medications, and on the other hand, techniques such as laser therapy, cryotherapy (application of cold), and peels.

Our dermatologists offer all types of consultations for skin diseases and pathologies, inflammatory dermatoses, pigmentary manifestations, redness, etc. Thanks to the technologies present at Maison Tóā in Lausanne, our aesthetic dermatology center is the ideal alternative for taking care of your skin.