The various injection techniques in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine allow us to prevent and treat many aspects of skin aging: smoothing of expression lines by injection of botulinum toxin, filling of static wrinkles by injection of hyaluronic acid. These injections allow to fight against premature aging or to slow down the effect of time on the face by using fully resorbable products, and therefore well tolerated without risk of allergy or intolerance.

Hyaluronic acid is also very common in the field of injections and aesthetic medicine. It can be used to restore lost volume or to modulate a part of the face, such as lip injections, dark circle injections or medical rhinoplasty. In a search for facial harmonization, we always work to obtain satisfaction for the patient who has trusted us.

New injections include Radiesse, a calcium hydroxyapathy-based biostimulant used at Maison Tóā in Lausanne, to contour the lower third of the face, reshape a receding chin or a poorly defined jawline, which helps to refine a double chin.

We have also established a protocol with skinbooster (a mixture of hyaluronic acid and vitamin complexes) and CO2 laser in order to correct certain acne, accident or surgery scars.