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The clinic

Maison Tóā

Maison Tóā is located in the heart of Lausanne, in the very modern area of the Flon and offers treatments ranging from dermatology to plastic surgery. A pleasant welcome in a discreet and elegant environment awaits you.

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la clinique Maison TOA

Aesthetic medicine at the cutting edge of technology

Maison Tóā is equipped with the latest technologies in aesthetic medicine to provide an innovative and customized experience.

Our priority is to offer treatments based on medical expertise. Our goal is to provide effective results while respecting each individual’s features and morphology.

These aesthetic medicine treatments are designed for both men and women.

Excellence and humanity are the key words of our clinic.

The heart of Maison Tóā

Tóā: these three letters mean “beauty” in the San dialect, the oldest inhabitants of South Africa. Maison Tóā was also founded as a tribute to Irene Staehelin, a bright Swiss anthropologist and Dr. Miles’ godmother. For most of her life, she fought  for the San people of the Kalahari Desert by providing them with an educational and cultural center on the west coast of South Africa.

The San, or more commonly known as Bushmen, are the oldest inhabitants of South Africa, having lived there for over 44,000 years. They speak the clicked languages of the Khoisan group. Persecuted by the Bantu and Boer people, then marginalized by the British colonizers, they now live mainly in the Kalahari Desert. Traditionally hunter-gatherers, they are now largely sedentary and their number is estimated at about 100,000.

Maison Tóā

Voie du Chariot 6
1003 Lausanne

021 791 70 70

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Dermatologie et Chirurgie plastique

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