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Microneedling, one of the best treatments for skin regeneration.

How does the treatment work?

Dermapen™ medical microneedling consists of making micro-perforations using an electric pen on with a single-use tip is attached. This tip is composed of 20 micro-needles that can penetrate the dermis to a depth of 2 mm (compared to 0.4 mm for microneedling in beauty salons).

The perforations allow:

Active ingredients penetrate the skin, providing deep hydration.
Stimulation of fibroblasts used for producing collagen and elastin fibers.

The Microneedling treatment is performed in our clinic in Lausanne, Switzerland.

For whom is the treatment recommended?

Microneedling by Dermapen™ will result in more beautiful, brighter, firmer skin. It will appear less wrinkly and the pores will tighten and be smoother.

In addition to its anti-aging and revitalizing effect, Dermapen is indicated for the treatment of:

  • Acne scars
  • Post-operative scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Burns
  • Pigment spots

Which body part may be treated?

Microneedling can be performed on all skin types.

The areas most often treated are :

  • the face
  • the neck and neckline
  • areas at risk of stretch marks
  • skin with burns or scars.

What results can be expected after a session?

The first effects can be seen as early as one week after the first treatment, but the results will continue to improve for 6 weeks.

For acne scars and more pronounced wrinkles, the doctor will recommend several sessions for optimal results.

How does the session go?

The face is first cleansed with an antiseptic solution to avoid any infection. Once the skin is prepared, a moisturizing hyaluronic acid and antioxidant multivitamin formula is applied to the entire area to be treated. Finally thanks to the Dermapen™ electric pen, microperforations will be made.

Following the injections, we will suggest that you complete the treatment with the application of a hyaluronic acid-enriched mask to maximize the effects of Microneedling and reduce post-Dermapen™ redness.

Is it painful?

Before the treatment, an anesthetic cream is applied to the treated area, making the treatment painless.

What are the after effects of the treatment?

Microneedling by Dermapen™ is a non-invasive dermatological treatment, however due to the multitude of microperforations, the skin will show a slight redness directly after treatment. For this reason we recommend the application of a mask with restorative properties for 15min.

We advise you not to plan any important events on the same day.

After a Dermapen™ microneedling session, water, saunas and makeup should be avoided for 24hrs.

Sun exposure should also be avoided for 15 days. A 50SPF cream should be applied to the face daily.

Are there any contra-indications?

In case of pregnancy or breastfeeding, microneedling is not authorized.


  • Indication

    Skin imperfections

  • Technique

    Micro perforations

  • Result

    Revitalization and improved skin texture

  • Duration

    30 minutes

  • Price

    Fr. 350.- per session

    Package of 3 sessions: 900.-


Dr. Nordback

Dr. Miles

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