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Hyaluronic Acid

The loss of fat and the skin’s dehydration lead to a loss of volume and skin slackening. Hyaluronic acid injection treatment is a filling treatment that has the effect of rehydrating the skin and restoring these lost volumes. Maison Tóā offers you great expertise in this highly demanded service in Lausanne!

cernes acide hyaluronique
acide hyaluronique lèvres visage

How do the injections work?

Hyaluronic acid is a component produced physiologically in our body. This molecule prevents the appearance of the effects of skin aging such as wrinkles and also helps to rehydrate the skin. It helps to restore radiance to a dull complexion and acts as a firming agent. As we age, we lose our ability to produce it naturally.

Treatment with hyaluronic acid can be considered in two different ways:

Injecting the hyaluronic acid into the superficial dermis helps maintain a good level of hydration.
Injected into the deep dermis, it replaces the fat lost with age and restores volume.

For whom is this aesthetic medicine solution indicated?

Injections are indicated for facial rejuvenation and beautification treatments, as well as preventive treatment of the effects of aging. They can be administered to people who wish to fill in fine wrinkles such as crow’s feet or furrows such as bitterness folds.

Hyaluronic acid also helps to increase the volume of the lips, smoothes the neckline area and rejuvenates the appearance of the hands. It has an anti-aging and anti-wrinkle effect and helps improve skin elasticity.

What part of the body can be treated?

  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Eyebrows
  • Crow’s feet, dark circles
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Vertical cheek wrinkles
  • Cheekbones, nose, cheeks
  • The lips
  • The hands
  • The chin, the jaw
  • The neck

What results can we expect after a session?

The first effects are immediate, the lost volumes are restored and the skin appears instantly firmer and more toned. However, the final results appear 15 days after the injection.

The results last from 6 to 12 months depending on the type of hyaluronic acid injected, the area treated and the individual resorption capacity of the product. Your Maison Toa team recommends a maintenance treatment every 12 months.

What happens during the treatment?

First, the skin is removed. The doctor agrees with the patient on the areas to be treated. The product is then injected a few millimeters deep using needles or cannulas depending on the indication.

The hyaluronic acid injection in Lausanne is performed by a dermatologist or surgeon in our Maison Tóā clinic.

Does it hurt?

Hyaluronic acid injection is not very painful and is performed without anesthesia. However, some areas such as the nose or lips remain more sensitive. An anesthetic cream can be used for the comfort of the patients.

What are the consequences of the treatment?

After a session, sports, sun exposure, saunas and hammams as well as the consumption of alcohol and taking Aspirin are to be avoided for 24 hours following the injections. Small redness and slight inflammation may appear after the injections, but disappear within 48 hours. Bruises disappear within 3-6 days after the injection and can be covered by a foundation the day after the treatment.

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Are there any contraindications?

In case of pregnancy, breastfeeding or autoimmune disease, the treatment is contraindicated. Before proceeding with the hyaluronic acid treatment, your practitioner will make sure to review your medical history with you in order to detect any contraindications.

Dr. Sophie nordback
Dr. Miles

Hyaluronic acid injections for the face are serious business. This is why, after 11 years of medical training, I continue to train every day in order to bring you all my expertise to guarantee you maximum safety. Before embarking on injections, you must meet with me in consultation so that I can fully understand your motivations and establish a personalized treatment plan together.


  • Indication

    Loss of volume

  • Technical

    Injection by needle or cannula

  • Result

    Rehydrated and plumped skin
    Reduced wrinkles

  • Duration

    20 – 30 min

  • Price

    A partir de Fr. 590.-

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Noémie SecolaNoémie Secola
17:02 30 Mar 22
Je ne peux que vivement recommander la doctoresse Nordback et la doctoresse Miles pour leurs compétences dans leurs domaines. J’ai eu à faire à plusieurs médecins dans la région et aucun ne m’ont apporté les réponses dont je ne cherchais, ni les soins dont j’avais besoin. Je suis très contente des traitements que j’ai fait chez Maison Toa !
Olivier AnçayOlivier Ançay
21:02 29 Mar 22
La doctoresse Miles inspire confiance. Elle se montre d’excellent conseil et très impliquée dans son travail. La clinique est magnifique, facile d’accès et il y règne une grande quiétude.
Ludovina CardosoLudovina Cardoso
20:19 29 Mar 22
Je suis allé voir la doctoresse Alexandra Miles pour des taches au visage, surtout une qui était très grande, j’ai fais une séance de laser et c’est partie.Je suis absolument enchanté et je recommande la doctoresse Miles!!
Jessica EmbarekJessica Embarek
14:25 18 Mar 22
La Dre Alexandra Miles est très professionnelle et à l’écoute.Elle explique avec précision la procédure.Je recommande vivement.
16:26 08 Mar 22
Excellent résultat et professionnalisme de toute l'équipe.Je recommande vivement !