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Hollywood Peel

 Give your cells a Carbon shot.

How does the treatment work?

The Hollywood Peel is an innovative aesthetic medicine treatment that combines a charcoal mask, the new generation Pico laser.

Unlike most peels, the Hollywood Peel is a gentle and painless procedure, performed with a new generation laser that can treat all types of skin, light or dark, oily or dry.

The benefits are multiple: the complexion is unified, dilated pores are tightened and superficial spots are erased, giving your skin an immediate radiance and glow.  In addition to these immediate results, the Pico’s Yag wavelength heats the fibroblasts deep down, stimulating collagen production in the weeks following the treatment, resulting in firmer skin.

This treatment dedicated to the natural rejuvenation of the skin is well appreciated by Hollywood stars such as Kim Kardashian or Madonna because of its absence of recovery time, redness or peeling and especially no painful or uncomfortable sensation. Instant and luminous results for your skin.

Please note that as in all our treatments, at the end of each session, you will benefit from the application of creams according to your needs, as well as an energetic massage of the meridians. 

Who is the treatment for?

For everyone who wants to even out their skin tone, tighten their pores and eliminate small superficial spots on the face and neck.

By multiplying the sessions spaced 2 weeks apart, this high-tech peel will act more deeply. It is particularly effective in reducing inflammatory acne, deeper spots and fine lines.

What part of the body can be treated?

Face and neck

What results can be expected after a session?

Dead cells that clog the epidermis are eliminated, dilated pores are tightened, superficial pigmentation is eliminated and collagen production is activated in the skin. The skin is left firm, radiant and without any irregularity of the complexion.

No redness, peeling or other inconveniences after the session, just the guarantee of a smooth skin and tightened pores in 45min!

How does the session work?

The treatment in 6 steps:

Step 1 – Skin preparation: a deep cleansing to remove the hydrolipidic films is performed to facilitate the penetration of the active ingredients of your care.

Step 2 – Thermal phase: a layer of carbon lotion is applied to the skin. This acts as a target for the laser. The laser beam is then triggered and a pleasant sensation of heat is felt. This phase will tighten the pores and provide an immediate tightening effect to your skin.

Step 3 – Laser Peel phase: the second phase gently eliminates the carbon lotion present on your face, taking with it dead skin and superficial spots.

Step 4 – Relax with a “crystal fiber” mask: in order to soothe this heat as quickly as possible, and to bring comfort to your treatment, a last generation mask made of crystal fiber is applied. This is a material for medical use made of 3D nanofibers, 100% natural, designed to promote the process of cell renewal and improve the permeability and efficiency of transport of active ingredients.

Step 5 – Ultimate protection: To finalize your treatment, the treatment ends with the application of our sun cream SPF 130+, a formula that combines the highest sun protection with specific anti-aging actives such as azeloglycine that prevents the appearance of spots by regulating the activation of the tyrosinase enzyme, responsible for melanin production. If you are exposed to the sun on the day of treatment, it is imperative to reapply this protection during the day.


  • Indication

    Dilated pores, dull complexion, superficial spots

  • Technique

    Peeling with Vegetable Charcoal
    Laser Pico new generation

  • Result

    Instant radiance
    Soft, smooth and even skin

  • Duration

    45 min

  • Price

    Fr. 300.- per session

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